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The C.P.R. Success System

(Calm. Purpose. Rewire)

A Calm


Establishing and enhancing a strong foundation is essential for lasting and calm success. This system helps you build stability and resilience in your personal and professional life, preparing you for new levels of success on your terms.

Of Purposeful


Clarity on your purpose and identity is crucial for meaningful progress and achieving calm success. This system guides you to discover your true purpose and align your actions with your core values.

With Positive


Amplifying your strengths and gifts enables you to make a greater impact, have more fun doing it and finding fulfillment. This system focuses on identifying and enhancing your unique abilities.

A Visionary Design


Designing a compelling vision for your future motivates and guides your actions. This system helps you create a dynamic and inspiring vision for your life and career.

With Harmonious


Integrating and executing your vision, purpose, and amplified gifts & strengths ensures lasting success and fulfillment. This system helps you build on your enhanced foundation, harmonizing your efforts to make a meaningful impact and navigate life's challenges.

Bonus: Unleash


Achieving calm success means having control over your life and decisions. This bonus section provides additional tools and resources to enhance your journey.

meet your host


Constantin Bogdan Morun is a dedicated Transformational Change Agent for Calm Success, specializing in helping high-achieving changemakers, waymakers, and visionaries navigate their journey towards calm, holistic success.

With his expertise as a NeuroEncoding Specialist, he empowers individuals to rewire their minds for peak performance and lasting change.

As the host of various podcasts, Constantin brings insightful conversations and transformative content to a wide audience, helping them achieve their highest potential.

His journey from communist Romania to a fulfilling career in North America's tech industry, including a significant leadership role at a Fortune 15 tech company, shows his never-ending effort to get better, help people, and share what he knows.

With a passion for psychology and neuroscience complemented by a background in mathematics and technology, Constantin has developed unique strategies and systems for personal and professional growth.

Over three decades, he has coached and mentored across various domains, leveraging his deep understanding of human psychology and neuroscience to help high achievers transform their lives.

As an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, Constantin continuously seeks innovative ways to inspire and empower others. His programs embody this journey, offering a revolutionary approach to managing time and stress.

It's all about inspiring, empowering and guiding high achievers to shine their light bright, discover calm success and achieve more, stress less, and create time for what's truly important to them - without sacrificing what they love, their success, relationships, or health.

Through scientifically backed methods and practical systems and strategies tested in his life and with dozens of clients, Constantin guides individuals from overwhelming busyness to a life of purpose, calm, productivity, and peace.

Constantin is also the voice behind various podcasts, dedicated to inspiring and empowering listeners on their personal and professional journeys, sharing stories, strategies, and insights that motivate change and drive success.

And His Guest MC

Zac Palmer

Zac Palmer is known as the Sales & Persuasion Strategist. He has personally generated over $150 million in sales, and even shared the stage with and consulted for some of the biggest names like Tony Robbins and Russ Rufino.

His mission? To simplify the complexities of business, build a profit generating machine, and turn you into the high-performance leader you were born to be - the leader who is all about delivering massive results and making a real impact

A FEW WORDS FROM some Calm Success Live Alumni...



"The entire event was absolute gold. The amount of value and actionable insights was insane. I took seven whole pages of notes. This was impactful and powerful, and I'm so happy I attended. You need to do this again!"


"I just feel this burst of 𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗴𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲... the whole session was amazing and I definitely learned so many incredible insights from there! Purposeful Clarity ! I love it"



"Let's just say I had an awakening. I prayed for clarity and truth, and boy did I get it. Tsunamis came at me and I found a new me at Calm Success Live. Thank you guys for doing this, this is great!"


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